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Post  King Zicar on Thu Jun 28, 2012 1:30 pm

Salute: I vow to protect and defend Monarch Order, as a whole and as individuals. I will abide by the set rules of Monarch Order, which have been established for my own protection and that of everyone in the alliance.

Executive Power:

Article 1 - There shall be two Chief Executives who shall bare the title of Co - President. These two leaders shall be Co-equal in all executive power.

Article 2 - Executive power consists of all final military actions (Declaring war on another alliance, etc.) , Foreign Relations with other alliances, enforcement of tech deals, stopping unnecessary raids etc. The Executives make all final decisions pertaining to alliance policy and Monarch Order laws.

Legislative Power -

Article 1- The Legislative Branch is made up of The Royal Court. Every member of The Court shall share equal powers, and shall only have one Speaker of the Court. They will represent the Court will decisions and bring forth news on whether the Court rules to impeach a fellow member and remove them from the Court or the allliance or whether to give power to a new nation and confirm them to the Court. The Court members themselves shall vote who shall be the Speaker of the Court.

Article 2- They will have their own positions and duties;however, they will share equal powers. They will be second in command, after the executives. They shall be elected by direct popular vote by other members of the alliance. Nominees for the position shall be chosen by the executives, and there shall be two nominees for each position. There shall be an election within two weeks of the nominations. If only one candidate is nominated, the alliance shall confirm them with a simple vote of yes or no. The following offices are eligible to be filled; however, the Director of Intelligence shall be chosen by the executives.

Positions are as follows:

Secretary of Defense
Foreign Minister
Minister of Finance
Secretary of Internal Affairs
Director of Intelligence

(Job descriptions are located in the thread for the various Departments)


Article 1 - If a member nation consistantly breaks major alliance laws passed by the Royal Court and confirmed by the Executives, the Royal Court may charge that nation with impeachment and if found guilt by public opinion, they shall be removed from Monarch Order. A nation must break a major law at least 3 times to be charged with impeachment. The charged nation can defend themselves in front of the Executives and the Court via the Monarch Order IRC Channel. An alliance wide jury vote will be taken and if a majority finds the nation guilty the are removed from Monarch Order. If found innocent, the accussed nation is put on a one month probation. If the nation does not break a major rule in this probation period, the nation is cleared of all charges. After the one month of probation, the nation will still be watched closely. If the nation breaks another rule within six months of their first offense, they will be placed in another court appereance to fight in his/her defense.

Article 2 - If a nation is found guilty and kicked out of Monarch Order but refuses to drop it's Alliance Affiliation, they are fair game to be attacked until they leave.

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